Elektromechanical | Lopritec

The elektromechanical Morlock MSC-series (soon known as the MSE-series).  

MSE 100.1 MSC 70 MSE 100.1

This series is praised for its versatility time and again. The possibility to integrate its machines into an automation AND use them as a standalone unit mounted on top of a chassis, ensures a very large variety of possibilities. Their plug-and-play steering, which makes them incredibly user-friendly, is the icing on the cake. 

The elektromechanical technology allows the machines in the series to operate very fast. 3600 prints per hour is no exception for the MSC 100. The MSC 70 can even go up to 6000 prints per hour. Compressed air is not required. With the MSC 100.2-2 you can even mount a second pad and a second ink cup, which allows you to double the number of prints per hour.