Second-hand hot stamping machinery | Lopritec

Need a machine for a one-time order? Looking for a rental? Or perhaps you are just looking for a budget-friendly solution without compromising on quality? 

We purchase our second-hand solutions according to exactly the same standards as our new machines: the highest quality, ease of use and safety. 

Feel free to contact us for more information or an appointment.


Second-hand hot stamping machinery.

- Gierlich hotstamp units

Some hotstamp machines, as modules

- 3 pieces PE 800

  • 800 kg pressure

- 1 piece PE 300

  • 300 kg pressure

To retrofit, what Lopritec loves to do, an integrate in a new production unit or automatic line.

Can be a very nice solution to start a hotstamp production at low budget.

These machines are proprety of Lopritec. You can see them in our warehouse in Dentergem (Oeselgem) Belgium. You are always welcome.


Gierlich second hand hotstamp machine PE 1200-2P

This hotstampmachine is in perfect condition.

Gierlich is tehnicaly very well known by Lopritec.

1.2 ton pressure; can be swithed over to 2.4 ton, which make this a hotstampmachine with a lot of possibilities.

Machine available out of a bankruptcy.

This machine has originally a turningtable. But Lopritec can built this over with ... for example slide table of ... to be synchronised with any kind of robot. Also we can modify the safetyinfrastructure up to the most severe CE regulation.

This machine is not proprety of Lopritec. You can see this machine at a one of our business partners in Germany.


Hotstamp machine Gierlich PE 1200/2400 Hotstamp machine Gierlich PE 1200/2400 Hotstamp machine Gierlich PE 1200/2400 tweedehands foliedrukmachine gierlich PE 1200/2400 Tweedehands Gierlich foliedrukmachine PE 1200/2400 Gierlich tweedehands hotstampmachine PEZ 1200/2400 Bedieningspaneel tweedehands Gierlich foliedrukmachine PE 1200/2400 Machineplaatje tweedehands Gierlich hotstampmachine PE 1200/2400

- Gierlich hot stamping machine PE 1200/2400

Hot stamp machine by Gierlich:

  • pneumatic sliding table is available,further information on demand
  • rotary module is available, further information on demand
  • 1,2T compressive force and adjustable to be suited for 2,4T compressive force. This possibility to swith over is a big advantage; if 2.4T pressure is not needed, you can switch over and the air consumption is reduced.
  • with two-hand control if needed
  • in prime condition.

Lopritec has a lot of experience with this kind of machinery. It would be our pleasure to adjust this machine to the needs of your project. 

Retrofit if needed :

  • brand new Siemens PLC and/or touch screen controller;
  • periphery of the product holder; vacuum suction, sliding, etc. 
  • CE shielding with light curtain and all necessary infrastructure and administration. 

This machine is owned by Lopritec and is at our warehouse in Belgium. Be sure to contact us if you are interested, it would be our pleasure to give you more information and/or organise a visit.